The Mini ADHD Coach

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When Alice Gendron was diagnosed with ADHD aged 29, she knew she didn’t fit the usual ADHD stereotypes. And she knew she wasn’t alone. With 10 percent of the population worldwide living with ADHD, it’s still highly misunderstood.
Can you have ADHD and still be able to focus? Do you have to be hyperactive to get a diagnosis?
The Mini ADHD Coach will set the record straight. Through Alice’s much-loved illustrations, you’ll learn:
– How ADHD can impact your daily life, from getting dressed and commuting to dating and making dinner
– How to deal with strong emotions after your ADHD diagnosis
– What ADHD expressions, such as analysis paralysis, hyperfocus and time blindness, really mean
– And how to finally understand yourself
Full of insider tips, daily hacks and an important glossary of ADHD language, this book will show you that you are not alone and that by with working with your brain, not against it, it is possible to thrive with ADHD.

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