Africa: The Definitive History of a Continent

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Immerse yourself in the intricate story of Africa and discover Africa’s true place in world history.
Spanning more than 200,000 years, from the emergence of the first humans to the rise of megacities, Africa explores the history and cultures of the world’s second-largest continent in vivid detail. It brings to life the stories that shaped Africa and the world around it, from powerful empires and kingdoms such as Mali and Benin, through the struggle against colonization and the fight for independence, to Africa’s place on the global stage today.
You will meet some of Africa’s most important leaders, from Hannibal and Queen Njinga to Nelson Mandela and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. Lavish photography showcases great African art and architecture, while engaging text written and authenticated by experts of African heritage covers every facet of African cultures, from music and literature to religions and languages. Specially commissioned CGI artworks recreate iconic buildings and life in lost cities like Timbuktu and Great Zimbabwe.
Unparalleled in scope, Africa is the perfect book for anyone who is looking to deepen their understanding of Africa’s vital and inspiring history.

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