Simply Nutrition (DK)

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Understanding nutrition has never been easier.

Combining bold graphics with easy-to-understand text, Simply Nutrition is the perfect introduction for those who are short on time but hungry for knowledge.

Covering a range of topics – from the anatomy of the digestive system to the variety and function of macronutrients and micronutrients – each entry provides a succinct and engaging explanation of a key aspect of nutrition in simple terms.

Organized thematically, and enriched with eye-catching infographics, the book draws on the latest research in the field to explain the most important concepts and facts more clearly than ever before, providing a reliable and up-to-date point of entry into the subject.

Whether you are studying nutrition at school or college, want to better understand how diets work, or simply want a jargon-free overview of the subject, this essential guide is packed with everything you need to understand the basics quickly and easily

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