X-force Epic Collection: Armageddon Now

7.850 kr.

X-Force’s newest member, Jesse Bedlam, has finally found his long-lost brother. But the reunion won’t be what he expected! “King Bedlam” plans to awaken the deadly Armageddon Man, and the team backing him up includes some very familiar faces! Can X-Force triumph against former friends and family to avert a nuclear nightmare? Then, the team risks the fury of Magneto on a mission to Genosha, and Cannonball is shaken to the core when he learns a secret from his father’s past! Plus: X-Force teams up with the Champions, Siryn is silenced, Domino faces the horror of Halloween Jack, Rictor and Shatterstar return — and will Sunspot join the Hellfire Club? It all culminates with the return of the Demon Bear…and an unbelievable crisis for Dani Moonstar!

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