Vital Blindside (Swift Hat-Trick 3)

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Adam White has been called many things but single dad was not one he expected.
At twenty-three Adam’s life changed forever – suddenly he was the father to a son he never knew existed – but he’s spent the past ten years managing to raise his son and juggle his business. White Ice Training is now one of the best hockey training facilities in Vancouver. But when he recruits a new hockey trainer, she lights a flame inside of him that he thought had long since burnt out.
One terrible game was all it took for Scarlett Carter to lose everything. After a career-ending injury destroys her chances of ever playing professional hockey again, she finds herself lost in a mess of broken dreams. Moving back home to Vancouver was never in the playbook.
Scarlett wants to forget about the world that broke her, but a new job at White Ice won’t let that happen. The more time she spends with Adam, the harder she’s finding it to resist him.
She can’t help but wonder why he cares so much about her. And more importantly, why can’t she bring herself to skate away?

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