Vampire Dormitory – Vol 09

2.199 kr.

“I’ll do it! I’ll become your thrall!” A crossdressing girl and an otaku vampire find themselves entangled in a dangerous relationship. Don’t miss this heart-pounding romance from the award-winning Ema Toyama, perfect for fans of Crimson Spell, Black Bird, and He’s My Only Vampire!TWO WEDDINGS (?!) AND A FUNERALMito is ready to marry Ruka, so he may take the throne as the Lord of Vampires. But Ruze still wants her for himself, and without warning, he unleashes a deadly attack upon Ruka! Before the attack can reach its target, Komori throws himself in front of it and sacrifices himself. The loss is devastating, until Mito and Ruka realize that they can use the power of the Vampire Lord to save their fallen friend! As they rush to prepare for the wedding, Juri appears and begs them to save Takara from Ruze’s magical influence…

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