Thunderbolts Epic Collection – Vol 02: Wanted Dead Or Alive

8.799 kr.

Lighting strikes twice! Baron Zemo’s plan has failed, and the Thunderbolts have been exposed as villains in disguise. Worse, they’ve been kidnapped to the realm of Kosmos. How far will Moonstone go to get them home? Back on Earth, the T-Bolts are pursued by S.H.I.E.L.D. — as well as Zemo, who’s out for blood! Have the Thunderbolts truly reformed? And who will give them a chance to prove it? One surprising figure from the Avengers’ ranks just might: Hawkeye the Marksman! But his offer of redemption comes with a high price… Plus: Captain America faces the new Citizen V! Hercules targets Atlas for vengeance! The T-Bolts battle alongside the Avengers! And can the team triumph over the Crimson Cowl’s massive new Masters of Evil?

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