This is Fine (RP Minis)

2.799 kr.

One of the world’s most ubiquitous and relatable memes comes to life with this official mini figurine of Question Hound, star of the famous „On Fire“ comic strip.

– Question Hound in Three Dimensions: This finely detailed, 3 1/2 inch replica recreates the beloved meme, complete with light-up flames
– Sound Element: Features audio of Question Hound uttering the iconic phrase „This Is fine,“ along with the sound of the crackling fire
– Book Included: Also includes a full-colour, illustrated 32-page mini book presenting the full 6-panel „On Fire“ comic strip and other hilarious strips from creator KC Green
– The Perfect Gift for Fans of Memes and Internet Humor: Anyone who has shared the „This Is Fine“ strip or simply found that it hit close to home will love this collectible item

Requires two AAA batteries (not included).

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