The Last Comic Book on the Left – Vol 02

3.999 kr.

RISE FROM YOUR GRAVES! Do you giggle in the face of ceaseless horror? Are you prepared to pry open history’s arcanum where the absurd and terrifying collide? Then welcome back, fearless hellions, for round two of THE LAST COMIC BOOK ON THE LEFT! SEE: Project Monarch hypnotize the masses for our lizard overlords! MARVEL: At a scribbling android! GET AROUSED (AGAIN): By a very sexy Mothman! This new volume of The Last Comic Book on The Left mixes cutting comedy and subversive horror, curated by the sick minds behind The Last Podcast on the Left and created by the equally sick (and sickeningly talented) comic writers, artists, and non-reptilian aliens in this dimension. The fatally funny and grotesque tales within The Last Comic Book on The Left will change your life…maybe even for the better . DISCLAIMER: The Last Comic Book on The Left has not been funded by an underground Satanic cult. We promise: the infernal old management is gone. Hail the new management and the advent of the purple moon born child.

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