The Complete Guide to Drawing Manga & Anime

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The Complete Guide to Drawing Manga & Anime offers a structured 13-week lesson plan that is typically found in professional drawing classes. With 65 detailed lessons arranged into 13 weekly topics, it’s simple to learn the essentials and then progress to higher levels. You can create your own personalized learning experience as the structured lessons can be followed in sequence on a strict daily schedule or as an easy learn-at-your-own-pace course. With a hybrid focus this book offers skills for both digital and traditional artists learning to create manga and anime.

This book’s unique progressively structured lessons offer:

Essential basic instructions on drawing bodies, clothes, facial expressions, movements and poses with 3D composition for animation
Hundreds of sample illustrations and full-color examples that make it easy to learn
Detailed lessons that teach poses, dress styles and life-like expressions that match each character’s personality
Star ratings for each lesson that indicate difficulty and allow the aspiring artist to follow and understand their own learning progress
Professional tips and tricks that make learning fun and memorable
Free downloadable practice materials, templates and guide

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