Star Wars Dad Jokes

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A charmingly corny book of Star Wars-inspired dad jokes, perfect for geeky fathers, pun lovers, and sci-fi fans of any age. What kind of stories do Wookiee parents tell at bedtime? Hairy tales. Why do the warriors of Mandalore leave their helmets on? It's Mandator-ian. A Jedi Master fights with a lightsaber, but a Jedi father wields the most powerful weapon of all: comedy. Fight the Sith with the knee-slapping, groan-inducing power of these Star Wars -inspired dad jokes or join the dark side and terrorize your family and friends with an army of bad puns. The perfect balance of hokey and wholesome, Star Wars: Dad Jokes is sure to slip through any defences and have even the most serious of Padawans rolling their eyes.

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