Star Wars Bounty Hunters – Vol 06: Bedlam On Bestine

3.499 kr.

Forced to take on a job for Crimson Dawn, the bounty hunters take on the Empire! But Valance has a mission of his own, one that will put everyone he cares about in danger! What is the dark secret that threatens them all? T’onga and her team find themselves in the crosshairs of an old ally, and Valance is out for revenge against Darth Vader! Can his fellow bounty hunters save him from a fatal confrontation? Will Vukorah survive the assassins throwing the underworld into chaos? And why is Zuckuss teetering between life and death? T’onga and 4-LOM battle to save their comrade-in-arms before his mind is lost…and before the Empire’s most lethal unit — on the hunt for Valance —catches up with them all!

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