Sap Hunters

4.999 kr.

All is not right within the branches of the sacred World Tree. Towering huge, its life-giving sap sustains the many divided clans living within it… until the Chasm Strider clan’s diviner, Pierig, discovers the Tree’s sap has become infected! Before he can warn his clan, tragedy strikes and he is violently captured by the Sap Hunter clan, warriors who demand he use his special divining skills to track the source of the corruption. As the sickness eats away at the World Tree, the party works its way down the levels of the massive Tree, inching closer to its roots. But what secrets do the dense roots hide? How deep will this unlikely group descend to save everything they love?

Aðeins 1 stk. eftir á lager

Vörunúmer: JAN231588 Flokkur:
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