Rick & Mortry: Crisis on C-137

4.999 kr.

All-star writer Stephanie Phillips (Grim, Harley Quinn) and fan-favorite artist Ryan Lee (Inhuman) come together to put Rick and Morty through a dimension-colliding CRISIS the likes of which the multiverse has never seen! Can Rick and the Smith family band together to find the last shred of heroism left in our universe . . . or will they just let this one work itself out? When the universe’s great defenders, The Vindicators, are all but eradicated, the weight of every sinister, galactic threat falls on the narrow shoulders of the guy who wiped them out. Rick Sanchez and the Smith family pull together the remaining ragtag superheroes to respond to a familiar band of enemies. Kind of suspiciously familiar, actually. Seems pretty targeted, now that you mention it…

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