Punsiher War Journal

3.199 kr.

The Punisher’s war has evolved — now it’s time for a new volume of his journal! Three thrilling tales explore Frank Castle’s updated modus operandi, through some of his deadliest missions yet! Frank now has the entire ninja army of the Hand at his disposal — and he’s targeting the Hate-Monger! But this vile warmonger is fighting back. Good for him. It’s not going to change anything but the death toll… Plus, Lady Bullseye failed. Lord Deathstrike failed. Every assassin sent to kill Frank fails. So the leaders of the underworld — crime bosses, heads of terrorist organizations, and even a corrupt government or two — must unite to solve the growing problem of the Punisher! There’s a $500 million price on Frank’s head — but one face from his past is in this hunt for more than money!

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