Punisher: The King of Killers Book 2

4.999 kr.

Jason Aaron’s startling new direction with the Punisher continues, more exciting and brutal than ever!As Frank Castle wrestles with devils within and without, Maria Castle finds more and more of her memories returning, including ones of those fateful days when her husband first returned from war. Or did he? The Punisher wants to end his war once and for all. But the God of War has other ideas. And now Ares is coming for Frank, with an army of heavily armed Apostles at his back, looking to turn him back into his old self…by murdering his family all over again! The epic showdown is here between the God of War and the Fist of the Beast. But even if the Punisher somehow survives Ares, other forces are already gathering to bring him down once and for all. Guest-starring Daredevil!

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