Pro Tips & Techniques for Drawing Animals

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Learn to draw lifelike versions of 63 different animals!
This richly illustrated guide teaches you about the skeletal structures, musculatures and movements of various animals and how to draw them realistically. Each lesson in the book focuses on a different animal and is designed to expand your repertoire and develop your drawing skills. The techniques needed to capture these animals are demonstrated in hundreds of illustrations by 26 professional artists.
This comprehensive reference work covers a wide range of different animals:
Mammals including dogs, lions, bears, elephants and 25 others
Amphibians & Reptiles including snakes, turtles, frogs and crocodiles
Aquatic Animals including dolphins, penguins, seals, squid and whales
Flying Animals including crows, owls, bats and sparrows
Insects & Arthropods including beetles, spiders, dragonflies, butterflies and ladybugs
Once you understand the internal structures and movements of each creature, you’ll be able to confidently draw it in a more realistic way! This is a reference work that all artists will refer to again and again to explore the entire animal kingdom.

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