One Star Wonders

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Five-star reviews have long been the sought-after honor of the travel industry, but upon closer examination they become tedious in their predictability: „Iconic!“ „Must-see!“ „Worth the trip!“ „One of the most beautiful landmarks in the world!” In other words, boring and inconclusive. It’s time to take a look at the hottest travel destinations from a new perspective.Based on real-life one-star reviews, One Star Wonders provides a fascinating insight into the spectrum of human quirks, entitlement, and expectations. From the traveler who was “too cold” during their trip to see the Northern Lights to the woman who was confused that there was no king or queen in the Palace of Versailles, this hilarious gift book is like having the most inexperienced, least-traveled tour guide at your beck and call. Paired with Mike’s signature illustrations, One Star Wonders is a collection of sidesplitting reviews that will provide endless entertainment for travel and humor enthusiasts alike.

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