Ogi’s Summer Break – Vol 01

2.699 kr.

It’s love at first sight for Haruto Ogi when he befriends Tago, a vision-impaired high school student who navigates the world with a cane and and a carefree, forthright attitude. But when Tago proposes that they go out for the summer, Ogi is torn between excitement and a deep-seated certainty that the connection between them isn’t meant to last. Behind Ogi’s flinching uncertainty is a deeper fear of rejection, and Tago’s casual approach toward their relationship only makes him more self conscious. For the first time, Ogi feels like he can be himself, because Tago can’t see his appearance and judge him by his ‘eccentricities.’  But does Tago really care for Ogi as his boyfriend, or does he just want to keep Ogi’s friendly presence by his side?

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