Monarch – Vol 01

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It’s Earth vs. Aliens…and one teenager standing between them in this new tale of terror and high-stakes science fiction!
Growing up in the city of Compton is tough enough as young Travon has learned all too well–orphaned as a child, bullied all his life, threatened by gang members every day. But all of that is about to change because today is the day that aliens make first contact with Earth…and it only spells doom for life as we know it!
Death, devastation, mayhem, betrayal… Can a single teenage boy rise to the challenge to protect his surrogate family & friends…or will he die trying?
From Rodney Barnes, the star comics writer behind the Eisner-nominated series KILLADELPHIA and Executive Producer & Writer of HBO’s Winning Time, and up-and-coming Marvel artist Alex Lins, comes a new tale of love, triumph, disaster, and defeat!

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