Mister Magic

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Thirty years after a tragic accident shut down production of the classic children’s program Mister Magic, the five surviving cast members have done their best to move on. But just as generations of cultishly devoted fans still cling to the lessons they learned from the show, the cast have spent their lives searching for the happiness they felt while they were on it. The friendship. The feeling of belonging. And the protection of Mister Magic.  
But with no surviving videos or scripts, no evidence of who directed or produced it, or even who—or what—the beloved magical host actually was, memories are all the former circle of friends have. In Val’s case, kidnapped by her father and in hiding ever since, she doesn’t even have those. 
A surprise encounter with her old castmates brings them all together for a reunion. Back to the remote desert filming compound that feels like it’s been waiting for them all this time. Back among friends they haven’t seen for years, but who somehow understand each other better than anyone has since. 
After all, they’re only ones who hold the secret of that circle, the mystery of the magic man in his infinitely black cape, and, maybe, the answers to what really happened on that deadly last day. But as Val reclaims parts of her past, she wonders: are they there by choice, or have they been lured into a trap? 
Because magic never forgets the taste of your friendship….

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