Massive Manga: How to Draw Characters, Animals, Vehicles, Mecha, and So Much More!

4.999 kr.

Learn to create and color your own manga characters! Massive Manga shows you step by step how to bring your ideas to life on paper. Learn by practicing the skills needed for drawing a wide range of manga in a huge variety of hairstyles, faces, and clothing, as well as animals, mechas, weapons, and vehicles. Each subject has a chapter of its own in which you’ll find line-by-line instructions and tons of designs. From teens to tech, cuddly pups to dangerous dragons, you’ll find them all here in these pages. Step-by-step drawings in pencil, ink, and color show you how to draw bodies, faces, eyes, hair, hands, and feet across a range of human and fantasy creations. Learn scores of hairstyles, facial expressions, hand gestures, and body poses. To complete your scenes, you’ll learn how to draw accessories and gadgets, weapons, vehicles, and so much more!

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