Loki: Journey into Mystery

7.899 kr.

The adventures of Kid Loki begin as acclaimed writer Kieron Gillen takes the newly reborn God of Mischief on a tour de force of the Marvel!Loki changes his story! In the wake of the siege of Asgard, Loki is reborn — as a child! With this new life comes a fresh purpose…but can the other Asgardian gods possibly trust him? Let’s hope so, because when the Serpent threatens Earth, Thor’s battle plan is doomed to fail without Loki’s help! The former Lord of Lies must use all the skills of deceit that made him so hated in his past life, but will the rejuvenated godling find redemption — or damn himself further? Plus: Nightmare is gathering enough energy to rule the world…and the motherlode is inside Loki’s mind. Aided by an undead handmaiden and a demon puppy, Loki risks everything on a scheme so crazy, it could only have been hatched by a God of Mischief!

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