Like A Butterfly – Vol 05

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Would you rather wait for love like a flower, or fly toward love like a butterfly? Suiren Shibazeki is often compared to a beautiful flower—but one that grows on the tallest peak of a mountain, forever out of reach. When Suiren develops feelings for the quiet Taichi Kawasumi, however, she doesn’t want to be a distant flower. She’d rather leave her lofty perch and fly toward him like a butterfly.After struggling to find the words for so long, Suiren and Kawasumi have finally admitted the truth—they’ve fallen in love. With their feelings finally out in the open, they should both be happy, but unfortunately, neither one of them knows what to do next. Unsure of how to build a relationship together, the only thing they do know for certain is that they’ll have to find a way to move forward if they want to keep their love from fading.

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