House Of Roots and Ruin (Sisters Of the Salt book 2)

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If you were swept away by House of Salt and Sorrows, get pulled back in with House of Roots and Ruin.
Twelve years after the events of House of Salt and Sorrows, the Thaumas sisters are scattered across Arcannia. Despite dreams of adventures far beyond the Salann shores, almost-eighteen year old Verity has remained at Highmoor, lending a helping hand to older sister Camille.
When Mercy sends word that the Duchess of Bloem—wife to the celebrated botanist, Gerard Laurent—is interested in having Verity paint a portrait of her son, Alexander, Verity jumps at the chance, but can’t understand why Camille won’t allow it. When an argument breaks out between the two, Camille reveals the truth: Verity is still seeing ghosts, she just doesn’t know it.
Stunned, Verity flees Highmoor that night and—with nowhere else to turn—makes her way to Bloem. At first, she is captivated by the lush and luxurious province and is also quickly drawn to Alexander Laurent, finding the heir charming, witty, and impossibly handsome.
But it’s not long before she is plagued with nightmares, and the darker side of Bloem begins to show through its sickly-sweet façade.

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