Gamora and Nebula Sisters in Arms

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From New York Times bestselling author Mackenzi Lee, Gamora and Nebula: Sisters in Arms follows two Guardians of the Galaxy, Gamora and her sister Nebula, as they play a cat and mouse game with dangerous enemies—and each other.Gamora doesn’t know who sent her to the planet Torndune. But as the reliable right-hand daughter of Thanos and one of the galaxy’s most legendary warriors, her job isn’t to ask questions. What Gamora doesn’t know is that her estranged sister, Nebula, has chased her to Torndune—and she’s eager for revenge on the sibling who wronged her.As the two sisters uncover Torndune’s secrets, they find themselves in a twisted competition with galactic consequences. It’s a game they’re destined to lose—unless they learn to trust each other. But trust is the biggest lie in the galaxy …

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