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From SABIR PIRZADA, writer of Marvel Studios’ Moon Knight and Ms. Marvel TV series, comes a bold vision of the future!
When climate change and automation disrupt the lives of millions, a new civilization is formed in the skies — one that threatens the wealthy citizens who’ve been hoarding Earth’s meager resources for themselves.

“Dandelion is a big, insightful and wildly entertaining graphic novel. A prescient and poignant critique of where we may be headed, and the hope that remains in our most precious resource—humanity.” —Oscar Isaac, Moon Knight

“Dandelion offers a revitalizing reflection of an imminent and profoundly tangible future world that demands its readers’ attention. Elevated with art that good, it’s impossible to look away. An utterly delectable read!” —Iman Vellani, Ms. Marvel: Mutant Menace

“Dandelion is a tremendously big sci-fi swing that confronts issues we’re only beginning to face. A vital comic—highest possible recommendation.” —Gerry Duggan, X-Men

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