Black Cat Social Club

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Black Cat Social Club have been at this „band thing“ for quite a while, with limited success. (Bummer.) Despite their kick-ass punk rock skills (and a little songcasting magic), these witchy women have been struggling to reach their big break. Discouraged, bassist Hazel sells her soul to a demon for more magical power, prompting singer/lead guitarist Alice to step in and assume the debt herself! Plus side, the band is killing it at their shows now. Downside? They may literally be killing the entire world by fueling these corporate demons’ evil plans, which for sure involve brimstone, monsters… you know, the works!

Can the band stop the apocalypse? Is drummer Maggie’s songwriting, uh, „technique“ the key? Will the demon Stan ever shut up?! If you’ve ever wished Josie and the Pussycats had more demons, or Buffy was fronting a three-piece rock band, you’ve found your next favorite book in Black Cat Social Club!

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