Ascendance Of A Bookworm Light Novel Part 4 – Vol 05

2.999 kr.

The rise of the lower city, a political wedding, and reappearing rebels…

The lower city is now a true sight to behold, and Rozemyne aims to continue her development plan and secure a greater influence over the country’s other duchies. Doing this will require the commoners’ assistance, so she gets to work breaking down the wall that separates them and the nobles. She tours the printing workshops in the Central District, searches for new craftspeople by holding a dyeing competition, and designs her very own library in her daydreams.

But of course, not everything can be so simple. A seemingly normal wedding is enshrouded in complex interduchy politics, and as Rozemyne prepares for a second year at the Royal Academy, she finds herself needing to stay on guard against the rebellious former Veronica faction.

Don’t miss this volume of this biblio-fantasy, filled to the brim with moving developments! This book also includes two original short stories and a four-panel manga by You Shiina!

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