Amigurumi Cats : Crochet Sweet Kitties the Japanese Way

3.999 kr.

We all know there’s nothing a cat can’t be or do. With Amigurumi Cats as your crochet guide, a cat can become a brooch you can wear, a small pouch for your belongings, a little mascot to keep you company, and so much more!

Instructions for crocheting these feline friends are given in the Japanese-style using visual charts and symbols that are easy to follow and clearly explained in a special section. The steps and diagrams walk you through the process of creating sweet little kitty items such as:
Spotted kitties to attach to a pendant, key chain or strap
A sleeping cat pouch to hold pencils, glasses or other small bits
An irresistible roly poly cat toy (illustrated lessons included)
A Maneki Neko Japanese good luck cat to preside over your bedroom or workstation
And many other little cat-themed items!

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