Watson-Guptill Black Sketchbook (A4) Svört

A deluxe, hardcover sketchbook with archival-quality paper that works for a variety of drawing media with pages that are large enough for you to take rough sketches all the way to final artwork.  2.01 x 28.32 x 22.10 cm

2.299 kr.

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Vörunúmer: 9780823005192 Flokkur:


The classic Watson-Guptill Sketchbook, first created by artists for artists, was released in 1993 and has since earned a strong reputation among recreational and professional artists for its durability, lay-flat binding, and premium pH neutral paper pages that are ideal for a variety of drawing media, from pencil and charcoal to pen and ink. Committed artists are increasingly attracted to the utility and enduring qualities that distinquish the Watson-Guptill Large Sketchbook including the sturdy hardcover binding that stands up to daily use and abuse, and the removable sticker.

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