Red Hood Outlaw Vol 01 Requiem For An Archer

Jason Todd used to be a Robin, before he was murdered. He came back angry, an engine of destruction. He tired of redemption. Now he is Red Hood, outlaw.

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With Red Hood’s teammates Artemis and Bizarro missing and his best friend Arsenal tragically killed, Red Hood is a man on a single-minded mission. Before he died, Arsenal clued Jason in on a secretive criminal organization called the Underlife–they’re like the mob, but decentralized, so they can be anywhere… and anyone.
With a new mission and a brand-new look, Red Hood takes to the road to find the rot in the heart of America… and to escape the shadow of the Bat that he left behind in Gotham.
But there are more Bats out there than a small town has secrets. And when Batwoman shows up working the same case as Jason, will she help him mete out Red Hood-style justice? Or is she there to bring him back into the fold?

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