Now or Never

12.995 kr.

Now or Never is a competitive strategy game that allows you to:

Choose one of four asymmetrical characters to play.
Rebuild the village so that returning villagers have a place to live. You must carefully choose what and where to build to maintain an advantage, earning the biggest rewards for long-term planning.
Interact with other players by hiring their specialists to perform special actions.
Combat dangerous creatures to rescue villagers.
Explore a fantasy landscape filled with bizarre places, technology, and peoples.
Now or Never includes two modes of play: standard and story. When playing in story mode, you read from a storybook when you explore, making choices and learning more about the characters and the world. Each character has their own set of stories, unique to the locations they explore and diverse in plot, perspective, and motive, allowing you to choose what direction your own story will take.

Journey to The Monument and help rebuild your ancient home!

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