Moominvalley The Activity Book

Fátt er betra til að slaka á en að dunda sér við múmínþrautir.

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Perfect for Moomin fans of all ages, Moominvalley: The Activity Book comprises almost 100 pages of mindful colouring, drawing, crafting inspiration and ideas as well as activities to encourage you to think in a different way. A spread full of beautiful decorative stickers is nestled in the middle of the book for you to adorn the pages of your book, just as Moominmamma brightens up her flower beds.

Some activities are straightforward (use your stickers to bring a Moomin underwater ocean scene to life), and some will help you to switch off (finish the fillyjonk’s very precise wallpaper pattern); others will encourage you to go on a walk outside and write down (or draw) all the noises you heard. There are also instructions for simple crafting activities: creating art out of fallen leaves or making a spring crown worthy of Snorkmaiden.

All the activities in this easy-to-use activity handbook will inspire creativity that knows no bounds and encourage you to always see the beauty in the world around you – just as the Moomins do.

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