It Sounded Better in My Head

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When Natalie’s parents tell her they’re splitting up after twenty years of marriage, and ten months of pretending everything was okay, she can’t figure out what she’s missed, or how they’re so calm. Not only is Natalie’s perfect family falling apart, so are her plans to live in her parents’ house once she gets to college. And after college. For the foreseeable future, in fact.

At least when Zach and Lucy, her best friends, got together, Natalie saw the signs—though she wasn’t prepared to walk in on them making out. It’s not easy being the third wheel, especially because Natalie thought Zach was the potential future love of her life. Even if that was mostly because he was the only guy in her life.

But then Natalie surprises herself by accepting an invite to a party, where she sees a different side of someone she thought she knew. As it turns out, she didn’t know this person at all — and falls head over heels into a confusing, awkward, and altogether thrilling new romance. And Natalie begins to wonder if maybe she could have more than what she’d always thought possible…

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