Invocations (Warhammer Horror)

A terrifying collection of short horror stories from across the Worlds of Warhammer.

An Imperial Priest extracts a monstrous confession; a widower embarks on a doomed pilgrimage; a witch hunter returns to the place of his nightmares…

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Invocations is Black Library’s second Warhammer Horror anthology, featuring more short stories set in the chilling hellscape of the 41st millennium and the arcane gloom of the Mortal Realms. From the whispering corridors of abandoned hospitals to the shrieking dungeons of ghostly castles, this collection of sinister stories further explores the unspeakable evil at large in the Warhammer worlds.
Contains the following stories;
Lora Gray – He Feasts Foever
Ray Cluley – Flesh and Blood
Richard Strachan – The Growing Seasons
David Annandale – The Hunt
Steven Sheil – The Healer
Nick Kyme – Stitches
Pete McLean – Blood Sacrifice
Jake Ozga – Supplication
David Annandale – The Summons of Shadows
C L Werner – A Sending from the Grave
David Annandale – From the Halls, the Silence
Justin Hill – The Confession of Convict Kline

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