Garfield Fat Cat 3-pack Vol 23 Color Edition

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When one Garfield isn’t enough—there’s only one thing better than a Garfield collection: three Garfield collections!

GARFIELD SLURPS AND BURPS: Who has time for manners when there’s food to be inhaled? Garfield eschews etiquette in favor of bingeing and belching. And who can blame him? He’s only human! So get rude ’n’ crude and pig out on this collection of tasty comics.

GARFIELD BELLY LAUGHS: What’s the menu du jour? Food, fun…and lots of it! Whether it’s a mouse bathing in coffee, or a zombie bingeing on brains, laughter is the order of the day. Garfield fans will get a full serving of smiles, with a side dish of silliness, in this collection of crazy comics!

GARFIELD EASY AS PIE: Garfield returns—weighing more than ever!—for his 69th book. They’re all here—Jon, Odie, Nermal, and, of course, our favorite fat cat, Garfield!

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