Fantastic Origami: Flying Creatures

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Japanese origami expert Hisao Fukui shows you how to create incredibly realistic paper birds and flying insects, a winged dinosaur and even an undulating Chinese dragon!

The easy-to-follow folding instructions and photos in this book present 24 challenging and amazingly lifelike models—from intermediate to complex in terms of their level of difficulty.

The 24 unique models in this book include:
The Swan—The multilayered wings and body give this familiar model a major three-dimensional upgrade
The Crane—Far from traditional, this crane rests on its built-in platform, and has an optional open wing configuration that can double as a fancy box
Peacocks—One with tail feathers stowed neatly behind, and another with its tail fan proudly displayed
The Swallow—Its distinctive bifurcated tail is on display in a kinetic diving pose
The Crested Kingfisher—The artfully modeled eye of this hunter appears to be on the lookout for its next meal
Stink Bug—there’s nothing foul about this instantly recognizable shield-shaped insect model
Beetles—A Horned Beetle with unfurled wings and a Rhinoceros Beetle with an intimidating spiky head
Flying Chinese Dragon—Segmented and supple, this ancient symbol of power and good fortune is poised to pounce
The Dragonfly—This incredibly detailed form is the most challenging model here, but the spectacular results are well worth the effort
And many more!

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