Exquisite Exandria: The Official Cookbook of Critical Role

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Take a culinary tour of the magical world of Critical Role in this cookbook that explores the many lands of Exandria. Travel from Tal’Dorei, where you can sample Trinket’s Bear Claws, to Wildemount, where the recipe for Black Moss Cupcakes—with a dash of the Dust of Deliciousness!—awaits. Grab a hearty bowl of Slayer’s Take Stew from Issylra before washing it all down with a drink from Dalen’s Closet in Marquet (tiny umbrella not included).
All sixty delicious dishes have been developed by professionals, in tandem with the cast of the wildly popular livestream show, and feature witty asides on the lore of each location. Bonus: All ingredients are readily found in our world, so you won’t have to track down your own dragon.
The adventure begins!

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