The Deviant’s Pocket Guide to the Outlandish Sexual Desires

n tribute to the many splendors of human sexuality, The Deviant’s Pocket Guide to the Outlandish Sexual Desires Barely Contained in Your Subconscious profiles over 40 of the wildest and woolliest sexual proclivities you’ll ever find, even on the internet.

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The human race is a species of inventors. In our few millennia of existence, we’ve created fire, the wheel, the printing press, vaccines, and the internet. But never is our creativity more evident than when it comes time to reproduce.

For nature lovers, there’s Dendrophilia (you know, tree hugging). For car people, there’s the Automotive Fetish. And for those people who love stuffed animals…you’ll just have to look inside.

Each entry in this one-of-a-kind encyclopedia explores the psychological underpinnings, important logistics, and typical fantasies associated with the deviance in question. For the aspiring deviant, there’s even a list of useful accoutrements. Hysterical and astonishingly thorough, The Deviant’s Pocket Guide is the only reference book you’ll ever need.

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