Crochet Stashbusters: 25 Great Ways to Use Up Your Yarn Leftovers of One Ball or Less

“Twenty-five patterns chosen because they are perfect for using up leftover balls–or part-balls–of yarn.”

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or every crafter who has ever wondered how to use the odd ball of yarn left over from a previous project, the answer is here.

Now that more and more of us are buying online, there’s always a temptation to add one more ball to your basket than the pattern recommends, just in case you can’t get the same dye-lot at a later date. Or maybe you are one of the lucky ones who always seems to use slightly less yarn than you expected. And then there are the flash sales online, yarn shop events, or craft fairs, where piles of yarn at knockdown prices tempt you to buy without a particular project in mind, just because it’s there, it’s gorgeous, and it’s cheap. Whatever the reason for the size of your yarn stash, one thing is certain, you won’t want to waste any of it (or worse still, throw it away). This collection of patterns from Nicki Trench is the answer to your prayers: 25 makes, small and not so small, which can either be made with one ball of yarn or less, or which use up small amounts of different colors in stripes, squares, or flowers. Many of the makes are ideal as gifts, including baby hats and bootees, toys, cozies, and bunting. There are also projects for the home, such as a stripy pillow cover, egg cozies, and mug warmers. There are also useful tips on choosing substitute yarns and checking your gauge. Now you can stop feeling guilty about your stash, and put it to use instead.

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