The Compleat Discworld Atlas

Explore Discworld from the comfort of your own armchair with The Discworld Atlas – your ‘Compleat’ guide to the geography and topography of Discworld, aided and abetted by the Discworld Emporium!

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The Compleat Discworld Atlas is a wondrously witty travel guide brought to you by The Ankh-Morpork Guild of Trespassers and Unseen University Press. Each atlas boasts full colour plate maps, sumptuous illustrations and a comprehensive gazetteer, all accompanied by a giant double-sided map featuring a magnificent vision of The World Turtle A’Tuin and wonderfully detailed delineation of the Disc on the reverse – a must-have for any Discworld fan!

The Compleat Discworld Atlas was our final collaboration with Sir Terry Pratchett. A project three years in the making, this stunning guide to the extraordinary world he created brings to life the lands and locations of the Discworld stories in a way never seen before, and was completed before his untimely death in March 2015.

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