BrainBox Travell The World

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Which part of the world do you want to be in? BrainBox World Traveler is a board game that visits all continents while introducing you to countless celebrations, events and natural formations.
From the uninhabited areas of Australia, through the Amazon rainforest, through the Egyptian pyramids, to the pink sands of Bermuda, you can explore the World with this amazing game.

The object of the game is to make as much information as possible in 10 seconds about the location on the drawn card.
Did you observe and memorize everything well? Then roll the dice and answer the question by the number thrown out correctly. But don’t waste your time because the eyes on the hourglass will fly off quickly! You can check the answers on the card.
If you’re a good observer and already know the places of interest in the world well, most cards will land with you!

World travelers, can we go? No passport required!

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