Bloody Mary Book; The

For brunches, parties, and game-day tailgating, there’s no cocktail more beloved than the Bloody Mary!

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In 65 inventive recipes, the Bloody Mary is rejiggered with a rainbow of garnishes, new flavors, and different liquors. The drinks are a dizzying array of creativity, from the Vegan Mary, which is packed with umami, to a Middle Eastern Mary, adding cumin, coriander, and harissa for an extra bit of spice. Shake up these recipes for the perfect weekend pairing, complete with bar food for a little nosh:

The Bowling Green Bloody
The Bloody Maja
The Gazpacho Mary
Celery Stuffed with Pimiento Cheese
Smoked Salmon Spread
Spanish Potato and Sausage Tortilla
And if you don’t have time to whip up a Bloody Mary mix from scratch, no worries: author Ellen Brown has demystified the cream of the crop of store-bought bases that will have you sipping a savory concoction ASAP. Just add your own special twist and a few garnishes. Whatever your fancy, the Bloody Mary is the perfect weekend drink.

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