All You Need Is Ears

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The story of George Martin, the man who spotted the Beatles’ talent, recorded and produced them from the start, and brought their musical ideas to life.
In this witty and charming autobiography, George Martin describes exactly what it was like to work in the studio with the Beatles—from the first audition (and his decision to scrap Pete Best on drums) to the wild experimentation of Sgt. Pepper, complete with sound effects, animal noises, and full orchestras in evening dress at the direct request of Paul McCartney.

This is a singular look at the most important musical group of all time, and how they made the music that changed the world. No other book can provide George Martin’s inside look at their creative process and the play of genius and practical improvisation that gave them their sound. All You Need Is Ears is an indispensable read for Beatle lovers and anyone interested in the music world.

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